Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Next Designer Contest Round Two!

Round 2 Voting for the Studio's NDC is up!

I love those slow mornings where the sun and the clouds dance a bit. You might read the paper while pounding in your pjs or sip your favorite morning beverage after a very brief sojourn into the backyard to grab some flowers to nestle into an old bottle you found in your cupboard that will give the  table a bit of a happy glow. Just relax. You don't have any plans this morning anyway. 

That's the theme of my mini-kit this round. It's called "Slow Morning". 

Are you ready to vote again? Go -> HERE <- and vote for Jsuarez "Slow Morning" mini,  PLEASE? You also get 4 other votes. 

Then you can go to the gallery to download my mini plus a ton of others! Freebie frenzy, AND they are all gorgeous!!  GALLERY LINK

Also if you want to head over to my Facebook page, I made a coordinating fan freebie as well. 

I feel like I am really challenging myself with this contest! I'm enjoying it, and I LOVE being about to give so many pretty things away and share where there are so many more!

So, again, please vote for me, Jsuarez "Slow Morning" mini kit 
and Happy Scrapping!