Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Ponytails Designs Brings You Boyish Charm

Any mother of a little boy knows that they have a knack for getting into trouble... and an equally good knack for getting out of it! A little smile and a wink and suddenly you've forgotten why you were mad in the first place! Little boys (and often the not-so-little ones too) have a certain charm that melts the heart, and endears you to them for good. Ponytails Designs has created a fun new kit for the GingerScraps Buffet that will have you scrapping those boy pictures in no time... the good, the bad, and the oh-so-charming ones!

   photo ponytails_BoyishCharm_elements.jpg photo ponytails_BoyishCharm_papers.jpg  photo ponytails_BoyishCharm_cardstocks.jpg  photo ponytails_BoyishCharm_alpha.jpg

 Check out these wonderful pages from the team!  photo _preview_600_1.jpg 

 You can head to Natasha's blog to pick up a couple of coordinating freebies as well. Have a great week!