Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Release: Delicate Memories by Janece Suarez Designs

Happy holidays Y'all!!

 I know that I haven't actually posted anything in a long while for/from myself. I do apologize. My daughter has been quite ill for the past few months. I had my latest mini ready before then but didn't have it packaged, and my website was acting up. I just said, "Oh Bother!" with the mess and focused on my baby girl. She's not really a baby, but she's the only daughter we have, and she has plenty of mental and learning disorders, so the hospital stay wasn't the most fun we have had. She's now on her second medication. It's for maintenance so she is doing better. Yay!

I was also diagnosed with a heart condition in the middle of the rest of our stressful issues, and did my own bit of time in the hospital. So while I may of have a lot of things in my head, designing hasn't been one of them, I am sad to say. Designing lifts my spirits and frees my soul and in all honestly, I have either been completely exhausted from caring for my daughter or completely exhausted from trying new medications for myself. I've done a lot of round the clock nursing interspersed by falling in bed and sleeping like a rock. It's been hard.

So here is your "Delicate Memories" mini. It seems like we always come across a few during the holidays. Someone we miss, something very precious that we received as a gift, just something that makes our eyes glisten with unshed tears, and cause us to laugh and dash them away with the back of a hand after a moment. Treasure those memories, those moments. Someday, no one will know why that photograph or that tea cup, or the scent of the wreath made you remember something so dear  that you nearly cried and did laugh.

I'm working on another mini, to hopefully join this one in a few days.

 Happy holidays, friends, and happy scrapping!