Sunday, February 9, 2014

Snuggle Up, Baby It's Cold Outside Kit Freebie

 It is, and has been so cold here! Mornings have often been in the teens. Every time any of us leaves the house we pile on the layers, snuggle into our favorite sweaters and coats and rub our cheeks against our softest scarves hoping to keep some of the chill away! 
 I think I have seen more snowflakes this year than any other year. Big, fat, fluffy ones, small, quickly spiraling ones, blowing sideways snowflakes, and snowflakes mixed with freezing rain. I don't like those! Add to the snowflakes the inevitability that Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I am beginning to wonder if all of our candy hearts will be frozen this year. 

Instead of a traditional Valentine's Day kit, I thought I would make you a "Let's Enjoy Valentine's Day at Home Because It's Too Cold To Go Outside" themed kit.  Think of being snuggled up and drinking something hot. Pulling out that blanket that Granny made because it has the perfect cozy feel and watching the snow fall against the darkness of the night, while listening to the fireplace crackle and spark across the room. Whether you have snow day pictures, curled up together on the couch pictures, or even family afternoon winter fun pictures, this kit will work for you! 

It's a rather large it, so it is broken up into TWO DOWNLOADS. The elements/embellishments are one download and the papers are another. 

Click on the preview below to download the elements/embellishments:

To download the papers click on the preview of the papers below: 

If you haven't already gotten them, here is another opportunity to get the extra matching paper packs that I made using textures from LyllahRaven Designs.

Click the preview below to download the glitter papers:  

And click on the preview below to download the blended papers:

Please don't forget that I am having a minor surgery so I will NOT be participating in the SNP blog train this month. This is why you get a full kit instead! That being said, these links will ONLY be available until the FIRST OF MARCH. Get it while you can, guys! :) 

I am desperately trying to get a matching paper pack made for the SNP blog train for my Facebook Fan page. If I do, it will be put up EARLY. 

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Happy Scrapping!!