Saturday, November 23, 2013

50th Anniversary of Dr. Who (I'm so excited!)

This was available here FREE until December 31st 2013. It was FAN ART ONLY and freely shared as such. I have discovered that it was pirated and is still being sold on certain websites, in spite of my multiple attempts to have it removed. Please DO NOT PAY for this mini kit or any of the others that were a part of this fan art blog train. Contact any of the artist designers involved and I am sure that we will be happy to work with a fellow Whovians to get you a FREE mini kit. It's art, and it's a celebration. It was meant to be shared, and to keep in accordance with what the BBC allows so that no copyright infringement would occur AND in the sense of community, unselfishness and wonder that Dr. Who has always fostered and inspired.

Dr. Who is a phenomenon. Everyone who has ever enjoyed the show seems to have their favorite incarnation, or version, of The Doctor. I remember staying up past my bedtime as a child to watch the show with my mother when Tom Baker was sporting the famous long scarf!

The Doctor shows us that we should never be alone. It isn't healthy to dwell too much on things that happened in our past. He teaches us to explore, to learn, to jump in and swim and that it's okay to be afraid. One simply puts on a brave face and opens the next door just the same. He has proven that you don't have to have muscles, or be pretty to save the world, nor do you have to be ugly or scary to be a villain. He taught me to be observant, to be kinder to machines, to accept that the unknown might really be known just not yet understood, that trust has to be unconditional and that people tend to see only what they want to see in other people. So look deeper.

Obviously I have had a love of Dr. Who that has lasted for many years, and the things that I have enjoyed in the program have evolved as I have matured. Clearly my fangirl squeals are contagious, because my husband and children are now Dr. Who fans as well. My two older sons watch it with their wives, and our teenagers join my husband and I for every episode.

I was thrilled to be invited to join and contribute my FAN ART in the form of a digital scrapbooking mini-kit for personal use only. You can scrap those pictures of everyone gathered at your house to watch the 50th Anniversary Episode: Day of the Doctor! :)

Here is my portion, just click the preview below to download.

Here is a layout I made with my mini. 
Yes, I did make my husband a scarf like Tom Baker wore when he was the 4th Doctor. 


Thank you for joining us in an effort to celebrate Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary! Please remember: All kits included in this blog train are Personal Use Only and are strictly WORKS OF FAN ART. No part of any of these kits are to be sold or traded for monetary gain.

Here is a list of the rest of the stops on this journey of Whovian adventures. 
Have fun using this free fan art to scrap your family enjoying watching Dr. Who together.

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One of my sweet fans shared that Craft Button Designs also has a Dr. Who kit to give away also. Please remember that this is not a regular part of our "blog" train so once you click her link, you will go to Facebook instead of a blog. She does have the link on her page to get you back to here to my blog, though, and I have ALL of the links on my Facebook page if you get too lost! Enjoy!
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